Jean-Esther Van Gobseck

Jean-Esther Van Gobseck



Gobseck, immobile, avait saisi sa loupe et contemplait silencieusement l’écrin.

Furne, t. II, 1842, p 374
Signatures : Ch. Jacque ; Tamisier Sc


4 comments on “Jean-Esther Van Gobseck

  1. Jonathan says:

    Brilliant, Dagny! Does Gobseck only appear in the one story or is he a recurring character?


  2. Gobseck does recur, but this is the only one which is ‘his story.’ You may remember in Pere Goriot that Mme de Restaud rushed off to get some money from him for Maxime. I remember another incident when he was in a café and someone approached him for a favour.

    Our Character Page lists five stories in which he appeared. Originally this Page only listed recurring characters along with the stories in which they appeared. I am now adding characters with only one appearance if there is an illustration for them. I couldn’t think of any other organized way to show their illustrations.

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  3. Gill Price says:

    That’s just how I imagined Gobseck…thanks for directing me Dagny.

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    • Dagny says:

      You’re welcome, Gill. There are some illustrations from the story at

      Illustrations from various books are listed on the Images page and illustrations we have for various characters are linked to the Characters in La Comedie Humaine page.


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