Non-Comedie Humaine by Balzac


This list is compiled from two sources:
Prometheus, The Life of Balzac by Andre Maurois, translated by Norman Denny and Balzac by Stefan Zweig, translated by William and Dorothy Rose

Les deux Hectors by Auguste de Viellergle (Balzac and Le Poitevin)
Charles Pointel by Auguste de Viellergle (Balzac and Le Poitevin)
L’Heritiere de Birague by Lord R’Hoone (Balzac and Le Poitevin)
Jean-Louis by Lord R’Hoone (Balzac and Le Poitevin)
Clotilde de Lusignan by Horace de Saint-Aubin (Balzac and Le Poitevin)
Le Centenaire by Horace de Saint-Aubin
Le Vicaire des Ardennes by Horace de Saint-Aubin
La Derniere Fee by Horace de Saint-Aubin
Annette et le criminal (Argon le Pirate) by Horace de Saint-Aubin
Du droit d’ainesse (anonymous)
Histoire impartiale des jesuites (anonymous)
Wann-Chlore by Horace de Saint-Aubin


L’Amour Masque (Love in a Mask) by Honoré de Balzac (Note) (Read it) (Guy’s Review)



The Resources of Quinola (Les Ressources de Quinola)

Pamela Giraud

The Stepmother (La Marâtre)


Short Stories

The Afflictions of an English Cat

Droll Stories (Contes Drolatiques)


6 comments on “Non-Comedie Humaine by Balzac

  1. Patrick Mehr says:

    Stefan Zweig’s biography of Balzac is now available in English as an eBook from Plunkett Lake Press:


  2. I have ‘Love in a Mask or Imprudence and Happiness’ translated by Alice M. Ivimy and published by Rand McNally & Company in 1911. The pseudonym under which Balzac published it is not mentioned.


  3. […] which follows Radcliffe’s style. This novel, one I’ve yet to read, according to a Balzac resource was attributed to Lord R’Hoone (Balzac writing in collaboration with Auguste Le Poitevin/Le […]


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