Gobseck Illustrations


Gobseck (left) and Derville by Édouard Toudouze from a 1902 French edition.


The next two illustrations are both of a scene with Madame de Restaud, Gobseck and Derville. The first is by Édouard Toudouze again but seems to be from an 1897 edition. The other appears to be from a Saintsbury edition circa 1900.














At midnight he died; the scene that morning had exhausted his remaining strength, and on the stroke of midnight I arrived with Daddy Gobseck. The house was in confusion, and under cover of it we walked up into the little salon adjoining the death-chamber. . . . .

What a scene it was that met our eyes! The room was in frightful disorder; clothes and papers and rags lay tossed about in a confusion horrible to see in the presence of Death; and there, in the midst, stood the Countess in disheveled despair, unable to utter a word, her eyes glittering. The Count had scarcely breathed his last before his wife came in and forced open the drawers and the desk; the carpet was strewn with litter, some of the furniture and boxes were broken, the signs of violence could be seen everywhere.