M. Vervelle

M. Vervelle

(Pierre Grassou)




Et ne fut pas médiocrement surpris de voir entrer une figure vulgairement appelée melon dans les ateliers.

Furne, 1844, t. XI, p. 1
Signatures :  Bertall ; Baulant Sc

3 comments on “M. Vervelle

  1. Jonathan says:

    Do you have an illustration of Gobseck? He’s my favourite character although I haven’t read much Balzac so far.


  2. I’m sure I must, how could he possibly be left out, lol. I’ll put him on the top of the list to be next.

    He’s not my very favorite, but I really like him. And he’s not all bad either!


    • Jonathan says:

      Brilliant. I loved the quote from Gobseck: ‘I like to soil the carpets of the rich, not out of spite but to make them feel the claw of necessity.’


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