Jean-Jules Popinot

Jean-Jules Popinot

(The Commission in Lunacy)

Jean-Jules Popinot

Cet homme avait une bouche sur les lèvres de laquelle respirait une bonté divine.

Furne, 1844, t. X, p. 122
Signatures : Staal ; ABL


The Commission in Lunacy by Honoré de Balzac

The Commission in Lunacy
Also translated as The Interdiction

Late one night in 1828, Rastignac and Bianchon are walking home and discussing the hostess they have just left, the Marquise d’Espard who has captured Rastignac’s attention.

The Marquise d’Espard is very vain and takes great pains with her appearance. She has fooled most of society as to her age, but not Dr Bianchon who enlightens his friend. Rastignac is interested in not only her looks, but her fortune and her influence. Continue reading