Balzac Sighting – Claude Izner



A rather sneaky one from In the Shadows of Paris (Le Léopard des Batignolles) by Claude Izner:

Kenji, clean-shaven and smelling faintly of lavender, walked past the Théâtre Français. He liked to cut through the gardens of the Palais-Royal where he communed with the departed souls of Restif de la Bretonne, André Chénier, Musset, Stendhal and Cagliostro. Could any of them tell him whether the mysterious manuscript at the Bibliothèque National was his? Lucien de Rubempre whispered to him to stop chasing after illusions and enjoy the moment.


I especially enjoyed the above since it mentioned a character rather than the author’s name. A more ordinarily found one is this one from later in the book:

‘Have you forgotten? You’re supposed to give the Balzacs and the Diderots a polish and arrange them in the window.



Balzac Sighting – Barbara Hambly


Another mention by Barbara Hambly!


She leaned to withdraw the folded sheets. “We follow families, names, neighborhoods for years, sometimes decades. To us, chains of events are like the lives of Balzac’s characters, or Dickens’. The nights are long.”

Traveling with the Dead (James Asher #2) by Barbara Hambly




A marvelous resource for tracking the lives of Balzac’s characters is Repertory Of The Comedie Humaine by Anatole Cerfberr and Jules François Christophe, free from Project Gutenberg.

L’abbé Carlos de Herrera

L’abbé Carlos de Herrera

(Scenes from a Courtesan’s Life)

L'abbé Carlos de Herrera

Les personnes les moins clairvoyantes eussent pensé que les passions les plus chaudes…avaient jeté cet homme dans le sein de l’Eglise.

Furne, 1844, t. XI, p. 361
Signatures :  Bertall ; Tamisier Sc