Le Colonel de Soulanges

Le Colonel de Soulanges

(Domestic Peace)

Le Colonel de Soulanges

L’affaissement de ses membres et l’immobilité de son front accusaient toute sa douleur.

Furne, 1846, t. I, p. 316
Signatures : L. A. Z. ; Piaud


Domestic Peace by Honoré de Balzac

La Paix du Ménage
Domestic Peace
Also translated as The Peace of the Home

Balzac dedicated this short story to his sister’s daughter, Valentine Surville. Valentine was quite attractive, and Balzac was concerned she not let her attractiveness ruin her outlook on life. This story takes place in 1809 at the height of Napoleon’s glory – in Balzac’s words, at the apogee of its splendor. Continue reading