About Catherine de’ Medici: The Calvinist Martyr by Honorè De Balzac

Sur Catherine de Médicis: Le Martyr Calviniste
About Catherine de’ Medici: The Calvinist Martyr

Balzac always enjoys setting the scene, and he does this with a vengeance in the first reading selection from this chapter.

The first scene takes place in Paris in 1560. We are introduced to the Lecamus family of merchants and their riverside home on the Rue de la Vieille-Pelleterie (Street of Ye Olde Fur Shoppe) near the Ile de la Cité and Notre Dame Cathedral. Our interest is quickly riveted on the heir to the powerful merchant family, Christophe Lecamus. The young man has taken a leaning toward Protestantism at a very dangerous time, and we find him being enlisted to perform a mission for various Huguenot conspirators led by the hunchbacked Prince de Condé. Continue reading