The Seamy Side of History: Initiated by Honoré de Balzac

L’Envers de l’Histoire Contemporaine: L’Initié
The Seamy Side of History: Initiated
Also translated as The Brotherhood of Consolation: The Initiate
Also translated as The Wrong Side of Paris


Monsieur Alain tells Godefroid that Madame de la Chanterie and the four gentlemen held a conference and Godefroid is accepted as an Initiate with Alain as his instructor and guide. Monsieur Alain adds that he will have to move out as he will be doing work in a factory, but that Godefroid can see him at the Hotel de la Chanterie on Sundays and holidays or at the seven-thirty mass at a particular church. Should they encounter each other elsewhere, Godefroid must pretend he doesn’t know him unless given a signal otherwise. The same non-recognition goes for all members of the household. Continue reading