Father Goriot and his daughters

Jean-Joachim Goriot, a self-made man, married the only daughter of a wealthy farmer. When his adored young wife died, Goriot devoted himself to his daughters, Anastasie and Delphine. His money enabled the daughters, spoiled and self-indulgent, to make good marriages. Unhappy in their marriages, both women turned to their father for money to indulge their desires.



Delphine pampers her father after he spent twelve thousand francs preparing an apartment for Eugene de Rastignac.



Anastasie is furious when she finds that their father spent so much on the apartment for her sister and Rastignac. She and Delphine almost come to blows and Goriot tries to reconcile them.



Madame de Restaud took her father’s hand and kissed it.



Madame de Restaud fainted.

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