Vauquer Boarding House Illustrations

One illustration is of the outside of Madame Vauquer’s boarding house, the main setting for Father Goriot (Le Père Goriot). It looks much grander in this illustration than described in the book. The gate, sign and statue are missing. The other four illustrations are of the dining room where the residents and boarders gather for meals.

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3 comments on “Vauquer Boarding House Illustrations

  1. Jonathan says:

    I can’t remember much of ‘Old Man Goriot’; maybe I should re-read it!


    • It is the first Balzac book I read. I’ve read it now six or more times in at least five different translations. It introduces many of the continuing characters. Rastignac and Bianchon in their student days among others.


    • I have many more illustrations for Pere Goriot when I get around to organizing them. At least as many more as are already up. I have linked all the ones like this one which are not specific character illustrations to the ‘Images’ page.


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