6 comments on “La grande Nanon

  1. Jonathan says:

    I bet she’s seen a few things in her lifetime. 🙂

    There’s a distinct difference in style with these ones.


    • Yes, Eugenie’s portrait is so lovely, but her papa and Nanon look fierce! I don’t really care for the portrait of Eugenie’s father. The style for him and Nanon looks similar to me though. Looking at the signatures on the actual illustrations, I think that the artist’s name on the one of M Grandet is misrepresented in the caption. Does it look to you like it could be the same as this one, ‘Henri Monnier’ with the end of each word sort of faded away?


      • Jonathan says:

        Yes, the style looks similar and I guess Henry Monnie and Henri Monnier are the same person – it could be that the ‘r’ was chopped off or he just changed his signature. Are all three from the same ‘physical’ book?


      • Yes, they are all from “Furne, 1843, t. V.” I think the same, that the ‘r’ was left off or just didn’t show up on one of them. As for the ‘y’, it’s pretty shaky and faint. If the artist changed his signature, Henry is of course the English spelling for Henri. But why would he change right between a couple of illustrations for the same story? I am very tempted to change it on papa’s illustration. Now I think maybe I should look at all the artist credits. I never paid any attention to them before, just copied and pasted.


  2. Jonathan says:

    I think what you’ve done is correct. What you’ve got on the credits is what is on the actual picture. The illustrations may have been done at different times; after all, the second illustrator credited with each picture is different, which might suggest they were done at different times or under different circumstances.


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