Madame Latournelle

Madame Latournelle

(Modeste Mignon)

Madame Latournelle

 Elle prend du tabac, se tient roide comme un pieu…et ressemble parfaitement à une momie…

Furne, 1845, t. IV, p. 1
Signatures :  Bertall ; Loiseau

2 comments on “Madame Latournelle

  1. Jonathan says:

    She looks quite severe!

    I like the caption. Google translates it as ‘She takes snuff, stands stiff as a stake … and perfectly resembles a mummy …’


    • Thanks for the translation, Jonathan! The illustrator did a good job then. Amazing how many women took snuff back then. I think there is an entire short story featuring a snuff box. An old man owned it and I think it was named after a princess or duchess or something.


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