Stamps and Envelopes


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7 comments on “Stamps and Envelopes

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    This is brilliant, Dagny:) Where did you find them all?


    • Thanks, Lisa. I collected the pics over the years. Also have some statues to put up plus lots of pics of various people in Balzac’s life. I think I started the Balzac group around 1999, so fifteen years or so.


      • Lisa Hill says:

        I look forward to that:)
        I was very excited when I saw a café called Balzac in Berlin, but I found out later (maybe from you?) that he’d never been there.
        BTW I just finished reading Seaphita – do you know if Balzac ever went to Norway? It’s an amazingly vivid travelogue if he didn’t…


  2. I have an interior photo of a Cafe Balzac (in Canada I think) with a large portrait of Balzac on the wall. No, it must have been someone that told you he’d never been to Berlin. I don’t know, but am guessing that Balzac never went to Norway. He enjoyed Italy, of course went to Russia to visit the Hanskas and Switzerland too if I recall correctly.

    I love the initial scene in Seraphita when the two are going up the mountain. Maybe he got all the snow knowledge from Russia, lol. Sadly that is about all I loved about Seraphita.

    As an aside, I think it was Radcliffe who never traveled but wrote amazing scenes of faraway places. She read books and studied paintings.


    • Lisa Hill says:

      Actually I feel really cheated by reading the last three in LCH (Physiology, Petty Troubles and Seraphita). It’s a good thing they’re last in the collection because – my word, they would put people off Balzac for life – but they’re not a good note to end on, especially not those sour ones about marriage.


      • There has been debate about whether or not Physiology and Petty Troubles should be included in La comedia. Really I don’t think they should. Dreadful. Well, a couple of cute anecdotes, but that was all. Of course I read all the works when John and I prepared the etexts and my favorites of the biggies, I’ve probably read at least three times each since I can never resist a new translation. When we did the group read, I managed to reread Seraphita (and it fared better for me on second reading, perhaps due to skimming instead of close reading for proofing), but I couldn’t face a reread of the other two. I think I started on the first one, but gave up.


      • Lisa Hill says:

        I can’t really claim to have read them. I simply surfed over the pages and stopped when anything looked remotely interesting or outrageously irritating!


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