The Prodigal Genius

The Prodigal Genius

Now that we have finished reading The Human Comedy, we are exploring other works by Balzac and relating to Balzac.

The first work chosen was a biography: The Prodigal Genius: The Life and Times of Honoré de Balzac by by Noel B. Gerson. We began June 1, 2012.


4 comments on “The Prodigal Genius

  1. Patrick Mehr says:

    Stefan Zweig’s biography of Balzac is now available in eBook form


  2. says:

    If I am to do this, and I would like to at least try I need a little lead time, it looks like I am getting in August something that was started in June, can you help me get on board, maybe let me know what you want to do starting September and the Fall, I got all the books but I think they would be easier to read with others in the group. I would be very grateful. Best regards, Margarita


    • Hi, Margarita. This blog is sort of after the fact, although we do have a discussion schedule page.

      To keep up with what is happening, join the Balzac group at Yahoo:

      The next book up, which we’ll probably be starting in approximately six weeks (could vary–it’s when everyone reading the current biography is finished), is one of Balzac’s early pot-boilers–The Vicar’s Passion.


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